DefiNet Contact, LLC was founded by Roy Matlock, Jr. in 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee to help bring more interaction among customers and sales teams. We have helped sole proprietors and companies across the USA more easily interact and communicate their messaging to their specific audience or client base. We do this utilizing video, email marketing, and building an online presence via social media and a branded company website with multiple points of contact.

Roy Matlock, Jr., a Financial Services Leader since the 1980’s, took DefiNet Contact to a new level by introducing an application in 2016 to help make followups within the financial services industry as easy as opening your phone, tablet or computer. Today, SalesTeamPro supports nearly 4,000 subscribers who use our application on a daily basis in their business.

If you’re in the financial services industry, check out SalesTeamPro!


We Thrive On Challenging Projects. They Produce Bigger Rewards In The End.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Let us customize an online strategy for your business. From Marketing, online advertising, and branding we can craft a custom plan to build your business using lead generation, lead nurturing and a followup system for prospecting and post customer interaction.


Website Design

Tell your story, showcase your products, and increase conversion.

Branding tells your story

Let us take your business to a whole new level of automation using quality, high-touch sales funnels with front-end customization.

Intuitive Options

Our intuitive options allow you to quickly and easily customize your web site.

Interfaces Matter

Options are useless without a clear understanding of what they do. We include intuitive, easy to use options.

Responsive Design

No matter what screen size or device, rest assure your content will look amazing.

Looks Amazing

Your content matters most, and needs to be accessible anywhere, anytime. This happens with our framework.
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Roy Matlock, Jr.
Roy Matlock, Jr.Owner
Roy has spend over 30 years in the financial services industry and in that time has developed systems utilizing technology to help make running a business less time consuming and more profitable.
Business Ideas 93%
Implentation 95%
Lucas Leigh
Lucas LeighProject Management and Web Design
Lucas has been with DefiNet Contact since 2010 and has onboarded hundreds of new customers and executed projects from start to completion including video production, web design, marketing, and more.
WordPress 96%
Video Production 90%
Brianne Beatty
Brianne BeattyCommunications and Support
Brianne Beatty, a former TN Titans Cheerleader, has been with DefiNet Contact and SalesTeamPro since 2010. Starting as a sales rep and transitioning into a customer support role in 2019 for SalesTeamPro.
Communication 97%
Lead Nurturing 89%

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