What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is exactly that, what users ‘land’ on when they click a link for a website. However, a more accurate explanation is a focused sales pitch designed specifically for a company’s promotional advertising goal. When a company uses a landing page in their advertising efforts they can increase their conversation rate by up to 25% without testing, not to mention save thousands of dollars on advertising long term. The call to action is the main focus to a landing page conversion.

As stated previously, when companies use a landing page for promotional offerings they can increase their conversion rate by up to 25%. Furthermore, if time and effort is taken to test and optimize the landing page conversion can be increased another 25%; that is a total of 50% increase in conversion- convert that to dollars and really be amazed! Now, let’s get down to the specifics, it’s easy to say that conversion rates will be increase, but where is the proof? In the pudding of course!

The Basics of Landing Pages

Effective Landing Pages:





 Factors that lead to Conversion Increase:

  • Consistency: The consistency of the message from one page to another is critical in advertising. Consistency is often referred to as message matching. For example, when Chik-Fil-A advertises they use the slogan “Eat Mor Chikin”. This slogan can be found in all their commercials, on all their billboards, on their coupons and especially on their website. The result is that when consumers see the slogan they automatically know that the advertisement is for Chik-Fil-A without having to be told or reminded. Landing pages help keep the message of the advertisement consistent by taking consumers from one page to another with the same end goal in mind. The consumer does not have to click through to the company’s homepage and search for the offer they are looking for. Rather, the landing page takes them straight to their destination with one click- keeping it consistent.
  • Try, Try Again: Setting up an aesthetic, easy to navigate, and professional Nashville website is no walk in the park. It takes a long time and continued efforts to keep the website up to date. It would be expensive and extremely time consuming for a Nashville company to make changes based only on conversion assumptions. However, it is much easier to test multiple forms of a landing page. A Nashville landing page company can make multiple changes to a landing page before making final edits to the homepage. Ultimately the landing page increases overall advertising accuracy because it eliminates all competing information that consumers encounter when browsing a company’s homepage.
  • Clean & Clear: At any given time a Nashville company can be running upwards of twenty different promotions, depending on their size and services offered. If each and every offering was to be mentioned on the company’s homepage it would quickly become cluttered, and consumers would undoubtedly get lost in the entire minutia-exactly the opposite of a promotional goal!  When a landing page is used the entire page can be devoted to one purpose or promotion, ensuring that the consumer gets exactly the information they are looking for and does not get lost in the clutter. Landing pages accomplish the difficult task of taking the complex and making it simple.

Seizing the Opportunity:

Every year $23.4 billion dollars are spent on advertising. Of that $23.4 billion, more than half ($15.3 billion) goes towards online advertising. Between 55-65% of that $15.3 billion is used for paid searchers and banner ads that currently suffer from low conversion rates. If advertising was able to increase its conversion by 25% or even 50% marketing departments would not only save money in the long term, but would significantly increase the size of their advertising budget.

Landing pages have immense benefits for a Nashville company’s marketing department, especially when the necessary efforts are taken to test and optimize on this opportunity.

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