Videos-Blog-imageHow would a video work for your website? Generally speaking, you will expect your website is designed as professional as you can to make sure that viewers are impressed by your rich knowledge of your products and services. There are just so many details out there…sometimes confusing potential customers. Especially when your products are related to subjects that are not everyday topics. They need to know what qualities make you different from other companies. This is a crucial point. A good video can help engage potential customers.

1. Show a professional image: The first image of the company is significant. It is usually an important factor for potential customers when making their final decision. A successful video marketing campaign has to catch the viewers’ eye immediately. Using a professional spokesmodel in your video will portray a message to the viewers that this company is legitimate and professional. This will hold the interest of the viewer. Once, they are interested, your message will be received well.

2. Starting with a nice and simple greeting: Good manners make a good first impression. Say your company’s name loud and clear. It is always better to leave an impression than a blank. They might not make a decision right away, however when it comes to making a decision down the road, there is a big chance that if your video was effective, your company will come to mind first.

3. Selling your advantages: What are the most competitive advantages about your company when compared to that of your competitors? Are you offering cheaper prices? Or, is there a major difference of products or services that you are providing to your customers? Are you proud of your customer service team? Tell them! This is your first chance, and the perfect time to get closer to your future customers. There is a reason people are visiting your website, and it is your responsibility to assess the situation and come up with the proper solution(s).

4. Be genuine: Customers want to see a real person who they can relate to and feel as though they can put their trust in that person. The professional figure should use proper gestures and intonation of words when they speak to your audience. What is the central value of your company? What is the concept you want to deliver to your audience? How can you help your customers? Be sincere, and connect with their needs. If you are genuinely connecting with them, they will feel it. And, most likely, you will gain their business.

5. Adjust your message to a proper length: You might have so much information to share with the audiences because there are so many good qualities to your company. However, people lose their focus quickly. In addition, it will become a more difficult job to keep their focus on your company. The length of your video message should stay between 60 to 90 seconds long to hold their interest. Try to keep your video on track by only highlighting the key points.

6. Give them a clear call to action: What do you want the viewer to do? You want to connect with them further so as to gain a business opportunity. In order to do so, at the end of the video, you would want to capture the customer’s contact information by giving a special offer or promotion to encourage them to sign up for your email club. It’s a great way to start new business and following up with weekly or monthly emails will keep your name in front of the customer to come back for more!

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