Anyone that has ever sat down to write a blog knows that it takes time to write a quality, information rich blog. They also know for blogging to be effective, you must post consistently. Now you may be asking yourself; how can someone find so many topics to write about? You could write until your fingers fall off, or you can make better use of your blog, save time, and deliver important information to your readers.

1.)    Showcase Content from Popular Blogs

If you’ve reached your creative cap for the week, look to other blogs to inform your readers! Take a moment to think about all of the things you have learned about inbound marketing. You want creative, quality articles; accreditation from other bloggers, and backlinks supporting your website… Highlighting other blogs will open the window for all of the above to happen. Your readers will appreciate the information; the bloggers will appreciate new readers and potential followers, which may bring backlinks to your website because of your crediting generosity!

2.)    Bring new light to shadowed content

If you have blogs that you’ve written a year, two years ago, etc. Spruce them up a bit and post them again. That blog contains useful information that new or recent followers may not have been exposed to. By simply updating the information, (if it needs to be at all) you can save time on writing and deliver a blog that your readers are sure to love.

3.)    Update Popular Posts

Much like bringing new light to older posts, add updates to your popular blog posts. Because of analytics, you are able to see which blog posts generated the most attention. Its popular information, why not keep your readers updated if there is new information on the topic, or a break through revelation? Once again, saving you time and satisfying your readers.

4.)    Increase your readers with email updates

Email marketing has been proven to be a highly effective way to obtaining and retaining clients throughout the years. Why not use the same benefits for your blog? By adding an email sign up form at the end of your blog, your readers will be able to receive updates every time a new blog is posted. This will also allow sharing opportunities. Every time our staff receives valuable email from a blog they’ve subscribed to, it goes through our office like wild fire. Allow emailing to do the same for your blog.

5.)    Conduct a Topic Survey

Not that you have to actually take a survey, but ask your readers what it is they would like to read about. This creates an open line of communication between you and your readers. It also alleviates the question of… “What should I write about today?” Your readers have already spoken!


Following these simple steps are sure to help even the toughest of writers block and get your information out to even more readers than you’ve had before.