For small Nashville businesses, the holiday season is a crucial part of annual revenue generation. The last two months of the year can account for up to half of yearly sales, and 2014 is predicted to see a 4 percent increase in sales over last year by the National Retail Federation.

Here are some tips for increasing your Nashville holiday sales this year:


Consumers want a good deal and with online sales seeing an increase this year too, be competitive. Be conscious of when your services and promotions are best used. For example, a dentist could offer a promotion on teeth whitening before the holidays, while a gym would start offering a promotion on a personal trainer right after.

Make it a gift:

Whatever kind of service you have, offer it in a gift format. Pre-package items as gifts or offer gift certificates for your services. Provide an easy, ready-to-go gift that clients can use as a stocking stuffer or hostess gift and display it prominently in the store. Gift certificates are a hugely popular option for consumers, and by adding an incentive you can help promote their purchase such as offering a $50 gift certificate for $40, or a free in-store gift with its purchase.

Send holiday cards:

With big businesses dominating the economy, don’t be afraid to play on your local charm. Sending holiday cards is a personal touch that reminds consumers why they love their local businesses. To show you appreciate them and their business, you can include a coupon that is time sensitive or a gift certificate, but don’t make advertising the obvious focus. Keep in mind that your existing customer base is your bread and butter, making this doubly beneficial.

Be helpful:

In your Nashville email marketing campaign, you can include suggestions for gift ideas for different genders and age groups. Let them know ways you’re making shopping at your establishment easy this holiday season and information about your upcoming promotions.

Put yourself out there:

Now is the time of year to step up your advertising and marketing. Consumers are prepared to spend money and you need to make sure they know you’re there. Be organized and deliberate in how you market this holiday season. Have a plan and do your research to see what works best.

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