Every day that you log into Facebook, you may notice that a company or corporation is advertising their business with a contest of sorts. Maybe you’ll win free products for a month, $100.00, a free iPod or iPad, whatever the case, if the offer is attractive enough, it’s sure to draw attention and bring potential leads to your door. At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “Alright, it may draw attention, but do they actually work?” Well with proper marketing, and an enticing offer, you’re sure to not be disappointed. But only if you do it the correct way.

#1: Get familiar with Facebook.

We all know how to log into our pages and make posts, but in order to be successful when creating a contest; you need to be aware the policies and guidelines associated with Facebook. It is a rule that you have to clearly state that Facebook does not endorse your company and that they are not sponsoring the giveaway. It is extremely important you display your rules and regulations on your contest page so that the information is clear and leaves no questions for the consumer. If you chose not to do any of the following, you are risking your credibility with Facebook and ultimately could lose your page.

#2: Pick and app that’s right for you!

After reading up on Facebook’s rules and guidelines, you will notice that Facebook requires all business to run their contests on a third party application. If you choose to go a different route, it’s almost impossible that you will meet their promotional guidelines. Make sure that the app you choose has flexible features. If you cannot personalize it, it may not provide the results you are after. Also, choose an app that fits into your budget, although some apps are free, it may not have all of the requirements you seek. With that being said, the higher the price tag does not mean the more the results! When looking for the perfect app, find something that is low cost, but provides the services you require to make your contest successful. Oh, and lastly, Don’t forget to make sure that your app is embeddable on any device. As you may have read in our previous blog, mobile marketing is taking over the way we view the internet. You’ll want to make sure your contest is no exception.

#3: Pick the perfect prize.

Although everyone wants money, free items, an iPad, or iPod, Why not use this contest to promote the products of your business. If you’re a dentist, offer free teeth whitening services with complimentary customized trays. This is successful because 1, the customized trays require them to step foot into your practice (hurdle number one) and two, showcases how your whitening system actually works. If you’re in the business of catering, offer free food. Everyone loves to eat, but then again, most everyone (I say that lightly) can cook. Use this contest to show your followers exactly how good your food is and why your catering company surpasses all others. In other words, give a prize that’s sure to bring traffic to your business and money in your pockets.

#4: Make your contest simple and effective!

We live in a get it now world, and people don’t like to spend a lot of time and attention on things if it doesn’t hold their interest. Keep your contest simple enough to draw a consumer in however effective enough to give your business the information needed to do follow up. I guarantee you, if you have several boxes for people to fill in before submitting to your contest, they simply will not do it. Ask for simple information such as full name, email address and phone number or zip code. Regardless of how vague this information may be, you are still able to reach your audience even after the contest is over.

Our last and frankly the most important tool for Facebook contest success is….


Even after the winner has been announced, follow up with the leads you’ve generated during the duration of your contest. If you’ve collected valid information from the contest, you should be able to develop email marketing campaign. Remember unless stated otherwise by the consumer, they came to your page looking for information about not only the contest, but also your products and services. Just because a simple contest is complete does not mean that your services are less worthy. Follow up. Set appointments and lastly sell your products.  With this information, you’re sure to not only gain exposure but also gain more prospects and clients in the process.