It’s common knowledge in any business that it is cheaper to keep existing customers than to attract new ones. Not only is it 5 to ten times more expensive to court new customers, but your existing ones spend 67% more on average than new ones. While it’s obvious that recurring revenue is where you should be focusing your energy, keep in mind some easy steps to keep your new customers coming back.

1. Have a loyalty or payment Nashville program – there are several different ways to cater these options towards your business. Take a salon for example – you could offer 10% off on Tuesdays for members of your Nashville email list, or a monthly payment plan for unlimited eyebrow waxing. Don’t be nervous about any kind of ‘unlimited’ plan – most consumers don’t take full advantage of this, and by signing them up for a one year program you’re setting yourself up for guaranteed monthly revenue. You’re also ensuring that they’ll continue to come to your business. If you’re a business that changes car oil, and you’re offering the fifth oil change for free, you’re building a recurring customer base that will keep coming back with the promise of a free oil change for their continued loyalty.

2. Stay on top of things – keep your Nashville website as up to date as possible with services, pricing, and contact information. If the address or phone number on your local Nashville listings or site aren’t accurate, you’re losing customers to your competitors before you even know they’re looking for you. If you’re offering a service that requires scheduling in advance, post your schedule with your Nashville Online Marketing campaign so they can find what option works for them right away. If you give customers the option to email you with questions, be able to provide them with immediate responses – don’t just check the email a few times a week. 85% of consumers use the internet to find local Nashville businesses, so you can bet if they don’t hear back from you pretty quickly, they’ve moved on to the next option on the results page.

3. Make payment easy – Keep in mind that most consumers pay in credit card. 10% of Americans don’t carry cash at all, while half of Americans carry less than twenty dollars. Allow customers the option to pay online, or link to services that allow them to store their payment information such as Paypal. Be transparent about cost from the very beginning. Nothing leaves a bad taste in a customer’s mouth like the feeling of being misled or taken advantage of.

4. Stay in touch – be careful, because there is a fine line between being pushy and being helpful. An email a few weeks after their first visit asking if they’re ready to schedule another appointment, or letting them know about a new promotion is fine, but don’t make your customers regret giving you their contact information.