1.  Intro video

No longer than 30 seconds, a website video introduction should catch the viewer’s eye, spark the viewer’s curiosity, and inspire your viewer.  In simpler terms, it should make your viewers feel good about being on your website while also intriguing them enough to dig a little deeper.

Here’s a tip: only connect your video intro to the homepage.  There’s nothing less user friendly than clicking a link that results in an introduction before allowing viewers to see the information they seek.

2.  Virtual office tour

Not only is the office tour a chance for your business to show off it’s great features, it is more importantly a chance to establish credibility as a professional place of business.  While the office tour naturally highlights your business’s best physical features, you may also choose to highlight its best offerings through the use of a voiceover.

Here’s a tip: shoot these in the daytime during normal office hours!  If your customers are camera shy, bring in a few actors to make your space appear more lively and inviting.

3.  Video overlays

A unique opportunity for you to speak to your customers and website viewers in a one-on-one setting.  It’s just you and the person viewing your site!  These can range from a variety of topics, such as website welcomes, services offered by your business, special offers, and more!  The video overlay makes communicating with your customers warm and personal.

Here’s a tip: be sure to have your spokesperson look directly into the camera lens!

4.  Commercials

Has your business aired a commercial on national or local television?  If so, those videos are a great touch to any website.  It allows the opportunity for your viewers to connect their experience on your website with another familiar channel of communication. This is one more step to reaching their top of mind awareness.

Here’s a tip: legal rights for online reproduction of your commercial can be expensive.  Avoid the headache by producing your commercials and web presence with the same company.  

Here’s another tip: DefiNet Contact does both!