The One SEO Tip Your Business Cannot Live Without

Search Engine Optimization is an investment your web presence can’t live without, and the key to optimizing is simple.  It’s something you’ve heard time and time again, yet its relevance never fades. Are you ready? Here it is: […]

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All About Email Marketing Response Reports

Email Marketing is a great tool for small businesses mainly for the response report you receive.  Ever wonder what the email marketing response report really means?  We all know that today’s inbound marketing trumps yesterday’s traditional outbound marketing.  Not only does inbound marketing cost significantly less but the response report contains priceless information. If you’re like me, email marketing (e-newsletters) has always been a little sketchy, kind of like glorified spam.  But for the past two years, I’ve worked in the industry and I’m starting to really see just how vital it is to a small business owner. […]

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Managing Clients for a Better Business

The best customers come from word-of-mouth marketing. No matter what your marketing strategy is, one of your biggest goals should be pleasing the customer to the point that they can’t wait to tell their friends about the great experience they had with your business. To make that happen, you will need to help the sharing process. Here are 3 of things you should be doing: […]

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