4 Must-Have Marketing Tools

In the spirit of the holiday season, I have spent a lot of time thinking about for what I am most thankful. I have also spent a considerable amount of time thinking of what I can do in the year(s) to come that will make me more successful, more productive… “How can I work smarter- not harder, and make a profit?” As I thought about this in my personal life […]

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Pinterest Business Accounts

A few months ago, we wrote a blog about how businesses should take advantage of the new social media mogul Pinterest. The difference between that blog and this one is that months ago, you could promote your business, but you had to do it from your personal account. However, now you can subscribe as a business owner to make your marketing much more effective. […]

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Maximize Advertisements with Google AdWords

  Have you ever stopped and wondered what makes Google so popular? It’s safe to save there is a very small percentage of people in the world who haven’t heard of this powerhouse. In fact, I’m pretty sure they have a trademark on the phrase “Google It!” Although the majority’s preference when conducting online search, I cannot help but wonder how and why this search engine is the most popular. […]

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Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

There are many great business uses for Twitter, like sending out news briefs or advertising the latest job opening.  Most businesses that are just tapping into the social media realm tend to shy away from Twitter.  Here are tend reasons why you should start using Twitter to promote your business! 1. Microblogging This one is a no brainer, but in the rush to put Twitter to other uses, many businesses forget its first use as a micro-blogging tool. And it is still one of the best uses. It’s easy to make a quick tweet telling the world what is happening at your business today, what specials are being offered or reminders about special holiday hours. And it is a great way for loyal clients or customers — even those halfway across the world — to keep connected to your business daily. […]

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Give A Hoot About Social Media

Whoever said sharing is caring would be in hog heaven with all the social media networks we have today!  If you’re like me, it’s all a little overwhelming!  Not only is it hard to keep up but it’s also hard to know which ones your company would benefit from and once you have that figured out then you have to manage them all! The latest trend is managing your social media all in one place. […]

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Why Twitter is So Important for Your Business

It’s possible that one of your largest marketing tools is located right underneath your nose… or better yet, placed in the palm of your hands. And If you haven’t started yet, you’re going to want to. Ladies and Gentleman, I’m talking about twitter. Now for a long time, I couldn’t get on board. […]

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The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Who would have thought 10 years ago, that most everyone would rely on their cell phones for more than just a simple phone call? Who could have imagined (well besides the wonderful people of Apple) that phones would have the ability to set your house alarm after you have already left your residence, or help you shop online? […]

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Make Content Count with Promoted Posts!

The wonderful thing about the world of Facebook is that you have the opportunity to communicate effectively and efficiently with your fan base following! The key to attracting and maintaining Facebook fans is to provide your readers with quality content. Much like with blogging, key words are everything when writing a post. […]

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Promote Your Tweets with Promoted Products!

With all of recent the buzz about social media advertising, Twitter has come up with their own campaign to attract new prospects and retain more clients. What is Twitter’s Tactic? Promoted Products. Not to be confused with Facebook’s “promoted posts”, Twitter offers different ways to reach your target audience at prices you can’t say no to.  As a small business owner, you understand the value of online connections.  Twitter’s promoted products are sure to reach any target audience, anywhere in the world. Promoted Products Twitter will actually search through other accounts with similar interests and suggest your business (to other account holders with similar issues), in the “how to follow section” of your twitter page. […]

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The Business Development Mindset

When you go into business for yourself, especially when you are a small business owner your job is to do everything. You have to look at the long-range picture of what the goal is and where you want to end up. As a dentist, when you go to school they teach you everything clinical but did they ever tell you that you are the CEO of your corporation? All businesses run around the same core foundation- sales, operations and finance. […]

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