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Every effective website contains the following key components: informational content, an identifiable brand, a properly placed database collection form, and location information. Each month, you have potential clients browsing through your content, looking for information to answer their questions. But what happens when the answer they are looking for isn’t located within your context? Most often, they will leave your site and move on to the next website for further information. […]

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To Blog or Not to Blog… That is the question.

With our ever-changing, crazy, busy, hectic schedules, it’s hard to imagine why taking time out to blog would be so important. As business owners we eat, sleep and breathe our companies. We advertise, provide in depth information, we Tweet, we Facebook. But, at the end of the day, where do we rank on Internet search? […]

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Re-contacting your clients

Client re-contact and prospect re-contact are keys to retaining and developing a referral system. Word of mouth advertising will always be the most powerful advertisement you can have. For example, if I’m speaking to a friend about going to see a movie and they recommend movie XYZ- based off of their enthusiasm alone, I’m going to go see that movie. […]

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