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We help you compete with your larger competitors in all areas of internet marketing.

Does your business take advantage of:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Google AdWords

  • Website Design and Development

  • Email marketing

  • Video production

  • Social Media (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)

If that sounds like jibberish, or if you know it’s a grueling task to stay on top of it all, then your business is missing out on incredible revenue generation and likely lagging behind your competitors! Don’t wait another minute; fill out the form to the right and discover the DefiNet Difference™ today!

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The first step to growing your business is getting your website easily found by more people; the kind of people that are looking for exactly what you provide. Through intensive research, branding, web development, SEO, and much more, this dream can be a reality.

Our team of developers and strategists can set your business up for success online. We can show you where you are currently, where you need to go, and the roadmap to get you there. As a business partner, your success becomes our own and vice versa.


Helping people find your business is the first step. Next, you’ve got to hold their interest. Having a quality product or service is great, but finding the right positioning and knowing what resonates with your customer is absolutely vital.

The Internet is a powerful tool, using all of its assets to your advantage should be a top priority! With DefiNet Contact, you’ll be able to measure and manage your marketing spends more accurately than ever before. Like the old saying goes: “If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed.


Contrary to popular belief, converting a lead into a customer is not the final step. A happy customer that’s been nurtured, cultivated, and leaves with a positive experience becomes a “brand advocate” who tells others about how awesome your product/service is!

Evolving a lead into a customer is centered around creating every possible opportunity to market yourself to your audience. DefiNet Contact can help you find them and put your business in the sales spotlight!

In the words of Glenngarry Glen Ross: “Coffee is for closers.

Our work speaks for itself! Just ask our customers!

“In this day and age, no one likes reading, videos are the best. DefiNet contact really helps boost our web presence and we are all still just warming up. Our website AFDclinics is world class thanks to our awesome video content. DefiNetly the best choice for in the Web 3.0 age!”
Dr. Steve Samudrala, America’s Family Doctors
In 2010 my goal was to change the status-quo of advertising for my program. I wanted something different, something that would accentuate a positive face-to-face interaction. DefiNet Contacts video email marketing is the answer. With DefiNet Contacts video email marketing I can be in one state for a personal presentation while my video emails are in another state sending my message. It’s so easy! We also launched a new website in 2015 with DefiNet Contact that has garnered great attention! For today’s marketing needs, DefiNet Contact knocks it out of the park.
Cliff Yager, Troops to teachers
“We have been in Nashville, TN, at DefiNet Contact this week shooting 30 videos for our company, Patient News in Haliburton, Canada.Whew! This is work! But it has been a great experience. Everyone here at Definet Contact is very professional—from our initial contact with the sales staff, to customer contact, to help with our scripts. And we’ve spent a LOT of time getting to know the production crew, in particular! They worked with us to achieve exactly what we wanted, and they were patient guiding us through the scripts for our best performances and best video results.WE’RE looking forward to seeing the RESULTS of this cutting-edge marketing tool! And YOU can see US in our videos on our website!” – Patient News
Karen Galley, Patient News
DefiNet Contact has been instrumental in communicating Dental Crown in an Hour’s unique vision for dentistry. Since we are not your typical dental practice it was key to get our message to our customers before they ever stepped foot in our office.The staff listened to my needs, developed an engaging website, and a series of well devised video email campaigns to get the message out. I am thrilled with the results and continue to refer them when asked about our site.
– Marcelo Mattschei, DDS – Owner, Dental Crown in An Hour, Naples, FL
Marcelo Mattschei, Dental Crown in An Hour
What a great group to work with. Honest, responsive and very professional. I feel I can always count in their answers to my questions and their advice. Their yes means yes and their no means no. How often do you find that in businesses today?

-Scott Howard, Owner of Portside Java, Goodlettesville, TN

Scott Howard, Portside Java

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